– My why–  On February 26, 2024, my life completely changed after my son Andrew, got diagnose with autism spectrum disorder level 2. I want to honor my son by using my platform to show ASD awareness and offering sensory photo sessions for families with kids that have any type of disability. Andrew inspired me to continue networking with other parents that sometimes feel unseen and have had traumatizing experiences on previous photo shoots. As a mother of an autistic son, I understand many families may often feel stressed when thinking of scheduling a professional photo session. The thought of your child not engaging with the photographer, eloping, having a meltdown or dealing with sensory overload can be very discouraging. I feel the responsibility to make sure families that have children with disabilities find the courage to schedule a photo shoot and get a better experience on their next photo session.

– My mission– I want to capture authentic and raw moments of your child. I want to capture their candid moments, their amazing smiles that can last once second, their excitement and joy or simply action photos when they elope. Having a son with autism has taught me to see the world the way he sees it, pure and colorful. Every child and family are unique, and the session will be created around them to make it relaxed and fun!

– My promise – With over six years of experience working with kids my promise to you is to be patient and take my time. I will document every moment and deliver you a gallery that will describe your child’s personality. Parents with me you don’t have to feel fear of judgment, disappointment, or misunderstanding. I will be working with you as a team to have a successful photo shoot.

What is the process for a sensory friendly photo session?

– Phone consultation – I want to know everything about your child. This will help me understand their personality and what kind of accommodation your child might need.
We will discuss if you are looking to have a family photo session, maternity, birthday or a just because photo shoot.

–  Scheduling-– It’s your kids world, I will make sure to schedule your session at a time of day that won’t throw your child’s routines out of place.

– Time–  There's no rush! Photo session can last from 60 to 90 minutes. I will make sure not to schedule a photo session two hours after yours. I don’t ever want you to feel rushed. Time should be the last thing on your mind. Your child may take as many breaks as is necessary. 


sensory friendly photo sessions

I'm obsessed!!! You did such an amazing job, per usual.

 I'm obsessed!


They are amazing!! I'm speechless. You captured precious moments so beautifully, thank you, thank you!

I'm speechless!